I currently work in a hospital. Caffeinated drinks are plentiful, people look worn down, and many will confirm in their own words how tired they are.

I’ve felt worn down. I know the feeling too well, and for years I had no idea why. The reasons are obvious now, but we have a tendency to bury anything that will harm our egos, even when doing so is a danger to our health.

I was the reason I became so worn down. I ignored my body and mind. I buried insecurities, traumas, and anything else I didn’t want to face.

My baggage became a literal weight that I carried around inside my body, and still carry (work in progress). Obesity, cravings for garbage ‘food’, anxiety, and lack of sleep completely drained me of my energy.

Addressing my baggage has been a long and hard process, but self-care often requires sacrifices. Giving up junk food, anxiety, and the people who drain our energy will have a far greater return than not doing so. In fact, giving these things up will probably extend our lives, and make us happier throughout.

When I feel like consuming junk food or caffeine, I ask myself what self-care I’m not dedicating the proper time to. Sleep, nutrition, time with the people I loveā€¦ I dig deep down to get to the root of why I feel drained of energy, and often find that my energy is being spent on things that don’t align with my values.

Our complicated problems often have simple (not necessarily easy) solutions. We sometimes simply need to change our perspectives and discover what we require to be healthy and happy.

How much better would life be if we focused only on the things that restore our energy?